Q&A #2

I thought it was about time I did another Q&A. Hopefully you like these…

What’s one of the most difficult things you’ve ever had to do?
“Letting go of something I loved very much was quite difficult. I guess I’ve not been through too many difficult things in comparison to others. I have had a few other difficult things I’d rather make a whole post on one day,”

Which Disney Princess is your favourite and why?
“My favorite Disney Princess is deffiently Sleeping Beauty, aka Aurora. When I was little I loved her because she had blonde hair like me, and a pink dress which was my favorite colour. Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney film to date, and I love the new version, Malificent. I have also been nicknamed Sleeping Beauty by two different groups of friends,”

List 5 good qualities about yourself.
“I’m trustworthy, dependable, down to earth, loyal, and stable,”

List 5 negative qualities about yourself.
“Stubborn, selfish, lazy, overly opinionated, and irritable,”

What’s your favorite television show?
“I love Friends, who doesn’t? And I’ll watch anything presented by Stacey Dooley,”

What’s your horoscope sign?
“I’m a Taurus and I really am one. I have all of the good (except being generous and kind hearted) and bad traits,”

Do you wear glasses?
“I can only see things properly close up. My right eye is -2.5, and my left is -2.75. So I wear glasses sometimes, usually in the evenings,”

What’s a secret obsession of yours?


What’s your favorite number?
“My favorite numbers are 6, 7, and 13,”

What is one physical ‘flaw’ that you dislike about yourself?
“I dislike my nose to some extent. I think it’s gotten smaller as I’ve grown but it used to be hideous. It doesn’t bother me so much now, and I’ve had reassurance that there is nothing wrong with it,”

What are five physical features that you like about yourself?
“My eyes, my figure, my hands, my teeth, and my legs,”

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
“Far too many pairs. I have so many shoes that I can’t find some of my shoes. It’s actually gotten to the point that I know I have too many pairs. I have all kinds of shoes ranging from UK 5 – UK 7 (I’m a UK 6 btw),”

How tall are you?
“So I was measured and was told I was 5’5ft. However I tell everyone I’m 5’6ft because I feel like I am…”

Have you broken any bones before?
“When I was two I broke my nose, and I broke it again when I was twelve. I broke my wrist and elbow when I was three, and I’ve broken a couple if toes over the years,”

What color are your eyes?
“My eyes are a very light blue/grey, almost clear colour. Typical Swedish kind of eyes,”


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