Some Blogs I Love…

These are the blogs that I love to read, that I never miss a post from, and get alot of inspiration from. Deffinetly go and check them out, you will hopefully love them as much as I do! I have a fair few favorites to get through, so instead of boring you, I’ll do a part two.

A Girl, Obsessed – I have been reading this blog for quite some time now. The blog is written by Mandy Ferrugia. On the blog you will find everything like reviews, recommendations, tips, how-tos, and some amazing inpiration. Each and every blog post has so much hard work put into it, and she comes up with some amazing and original ideas; I wish I was as creative. Check out her blog here!

A Model Recommends – The writer of this blog is Ruth Crilly, who you may well have heard of before. She also has a youtube channel which is also great. On her blog you’ll mainly find reviews and posts about her life, which I love to read! I would definetly have a look at Ruth’s blog here.

Caroline Hirons – On Caroline’s blog you will find everything about skincare, and yes, I mean everything! If she recommends it, get it, it will be good, and most likely, work perfectly on your skin. You should go and check out her blog especially if your having trouble with your skin, need a new moisturiser, and if you don’t do it anyway!

Estée Lalonde – I started of by watching Estée’s amazing videos, and then started reading her equally amazing blog. She is formerly known as Essie Button, you can’t not have heard of her. She has the ability to write a really good blog post, which not alot of people do. You’ll find a mix of beauty and lifestyle, you need Estée’s blog in your life and she has the worlds greatest name…

Jemmas Simple Life – Jemma’s blog has been a fairly recent discovery for me, but I already know she is a great blogger, and I really love her content. She does a mix of many kinds of posts, that are very well written. Jemma’s blog is a must read.

Michelle Phan – I discoverd Michelle a couple of years ago, through her book, ‘Makeup.’ That instantly proves she can write, so her blog is just a free version, of content that is worthy of being published. Her posts are so, so good, very infromative, and full of good content. Michelle’s blog won’t leave you disapointed!

Second part will be here in a few weeks! I couldn’t not mention more!


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