Doing Something For Yourself

I think it is important to do something beneficial for yourself, that may be challanging, but by the end of it, will make you feel amazing.
Lent is an anual event in the Catholic Religion, this year from Wednesday February 10th (Ash Wednesday) until Sunday March 27th (Easter Sunday). For those 47 days, you sacrofice something, like Jesus did. Basically, you give up something that you like.
I don’t do this for religous purposes, I take it as an opprtunity to do something benefical for myself. I started on Monday February 8th, as it’s the start of the week, and to me, makes more sense. I have done this a couple of times before, and it is actually really mentally rewarding. I genrally eat a very healthy, strict diet, but recently I had been eating far too much sugar, that I don’t even enjoy. So for the 49 days, I’m giving up chocolate and sweets. I’ve already done 20 days and am going to go on ’till the end. Did you give anything up? Let me know!


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