Rekindled Love for the Countryside


I was born in the city, and I lived there for a large amount of my childhood, and currently live very near the city. But I spent a small amount of time living deep in the countryside away from everything, which at the time I didn’t really like. I didn’t like our horses or shetland ponys, the mud, or anything to do with nature. But it was a time in my life that I really enjoyed.


The countryside really is my happy place. Anytime I feel stressed or need a break, I like to walk out of town and into the country for a couple of miles. I love the peacefulness, and the emptyness. The country air feels so different, and the views here in Scotland, are just spectacular. The particular part that I walk through (not the part I lived in) has a distant view of the middle of the city where I grew up, then The Pentlands in the South of the city, and then endless country. I truly love it.

As I walk down the country road, and further into the country I just feel so much better. I’ve rekindled my love for the country, but still not so much the dirt and animals that go with it. But I don’t love the city any less.


I live in a deadbeat yet crazy village and live my life in the nearby beautiful city, and sometimes, life gets hard and all too much, and I forget that I’m so near such an amazing place that changes me, it is my one true happy place. I can go into the country feeling so upset and stressed, and come out feeling the opposite, with no thoughts.
The city is my life, but the country is my home.


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