Disappointing Products #1

Everybody talks about their favorite things, which is great but, we don’t really talk about things that disappointed us. I’m going to share a few things that I don’t necessarily hate, but haven’t met my expectations, or weren’t as good as I would have hoped.

Bobbi Brown lipgloss in ‘bright pink 20,’ £16.50
For a high end lipgloss, you would expect a smooth formula that hydrates the lips, and stays on all day with good colour pay off. This however, is really sticky and hard to apply. The pigmentation isn’t good enough for a lipstick of that price. I have pretty much used the whole thing, because I didn’t want to waste the money, but I won’t repurchase or recommend.

Lancôme juicy tubes lip gloss in ‘pêche,’ £17.00
I feel like I should love this award winning product, which is loved by many, but I just don’t. It is too sticky and feels uncomfortable to wear. I won’t repurchase, especially because I could get one £10 cheaper and much better quality.

Soap & Glory thick & fast super volume mascara in ‘super jet black,’ £10.00
First of all, I hate the wand. It is huge; too thick and long, how is anyones eye that big? The formula is very dry too, what you would expect from a mascara a tenth of the price. Isn’t great when you can by an amazing one that is a couple of pounds cheaper.

TRESemmé perfectly (un)done sea salt spray, £5.49
I was really excited when I got this. The product is supposed to give messy waves, and it really didn’t. I tried following the instructions on the back, and doing it my own way too, but it isn’t a great product. I find use for it, but when it’s gone I won’t buy it again.

MUA velvet lip laquer in ‘tranquility,’ £3.00
My sister gave me this (un used) as she said the colour would have been akward on her. The formula is quite wet and it goes on like that. It dries really matte, and it is very uncomfortable to wear. It is so drying that it cracks, and looks awful. I can imagine it would last a very long time, but I’ve not worn it for longer than 15 minutes.

Blonde Effect Beauty.


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