Doing Something For Yourself

I think it is important to do something beneficial for yourself, that may be challanging, but by the end of it, will make you feel amazing.
Lent is an anual event in the Catholic Religion, this year from Wednesday February 10th (Ash Wednesday) until Sunday March 27th (Easter Sunday). For those 47 days, you sacrofice something, like Jesus did. Basically, you give up something that you like.
I don’t do this for religous purposes, I take it as an opprtunity to do something benefical for myself. I started on Monday February 8th, as it’s the start of the week, and to me, makes more sense. I have done this a couple of times before, and it is actually really mentally rewarding. I genrally eat a very healthy, strict diet, but recently I had been eating far too much sugar, that I don’t even enjoy. So for the 49 days, I’m giving up chocolate and sweets. I’ve already done 20 days and am going to go on ’till the end. Did you give anything up? Let me know!

Rekindled Love for the Countryside


I was born in the city, and I lived there for a large amount of my childhood, and currently live very near the city. But I spent a small amount of time living deep in the countryside away from everything, which at the time I didn’t really like. I didn’t like our horses or shetland ponys, the mud, or anything to do with nature. But it was a time in my life that I really enjoyed.


The countryside really is my happy place. Anytime I feel stressed or need a break, I like to walk out of town and into the country for a couple of miles. I love the peacefulness, and the emptyness. The country air feels so different, and the views here in Scotland, are just spectacular. The particular part that I walk through (not the part I lived in) has a distant view of the middle of the city where I grew up, then The Pentlands in the South of the city, and then endless country. I truly love it.

As I walk down the country road, and further into the country I just feel so much better. I’ve rekindled my love for the country, but still not so much the dirt and animals that go with it. But I don’t love the city any less.


I live in a deadbeat yet crazy village and live my life in the nearby beautiful city, and sometimes, life gets hard and all too much, and I forget that I’m so near such an amazing place that changes me, it is my one true happy place. I can go into the country feeling so upset and stressed, and come out feeling the opposite, with no thoughts.
The city is my life, but the country is my home.

Whats In My Bag?

Bag: My handbag is a black grained grab bag from Jasper Conran. It was £55 from Debenhams. I got it a few weeks ago, but it is already full of everything. I really like the size and shape of it, it’s very practical.


Purse: I can’t find a proper purse I really love, so I’m just using a coin purse for now. It’s a leather leopard print purse from Joules. My friend gave me this for my birthday last year and I really love it. It’s small and thin, so doesn’t take up much room.

Emergency kit: These come in really handy, actaully and there have been plenty of times I’ve needed to use this. I use a Jack Wills makeup pouch. Inside there are 2 tampons, some ibuprofen, a few kirby grips, some hair bobbles, a Rimmel powder, a Real Techniques multi task brush, an Avon waterproof mascara, Collection lasting perfection concealer, a Carmex, and a Maybelline baby lips.

Perfume: I have my Chanel No5 purse spray which is amazing for throwing in your handbag. It’s a great size, with sturdy packaging, and an amazing scent.

Handcream: I can’t stand having dry hands so I have a mini Cath Kidston rose handcream.

Other things…: In the front of my bag I just have stuff I may need, like a Dove invisible dry deoderant, a Nivea SPF 30 pocket size sun lotion, some tissues, and a Babylis hair brush.

In the zip bit…: I have some kirby grips, some sugar free Polo’s (mints), a mechanical pencil (because I’m too lazy to sharpen them), a normal 2H pencil, a black pen, a rubber, an empty ibuprofen packet, some paracetamol, a hand mirror which I believe is from The Body Shop, and a note which dates the 23/10/15, whoops…

My phone: It’s usually in my bag. It’s a Samsung galaxy core prime, and sometimes my phone charger, and sometimes my earphones which came with the phone.

No5 Chanel

No5 Chanel purse spray and 2 refills, £75.50


This has 3 x 20ml bottles of the eau de toilette and a super practical twist up purse spray.


And the scent is amazing. I can’t describe scents very well, but I’m sure you could find a good description online. It’s deffinelty a favorite I’ll be wearing for the rest of my life!

My Current Makeup Go-tos

These are just a few of my current makeup go-tos… I’m testing out some of these products right now, and of course I’ll let you know how I get on with them, and some products are old favorites. What should I add to my makeup bag next?


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in ‘010 Light Porcelain’


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in ‘Fair 1’
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in ‘010 Ivory’


Maybelline The Falsies Mascara in ‘Black Drama’
Avon Colortrend Boost It Waterproof Volumising Mascara in ‘Black’


L’Oreal Super Liner Black Laquer Waterproof
Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl Noir in ‘Black’

Inside My Sisters Makeup Bag

I thought I would go through some of things that my sister has in her makeup bag. I’ve tried nearly all of these products, because whats the point in taking your makeup bag when you have a sister with more than enough stuff? Anyway, here’s what’s inside…

Clinique Superpowder Double Face Powder – I have used this a couple of times before, and it has made my makeup stay for at least 6 hours. It is a great product, and my sisters skin always looks flawless.

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation – My sister has used this foundation since she was 14, and she still says it’s her favorite foundation, I will need to try it if it’s really that good.

Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder – I don’t know why she needs two powders but apparently she does. I have also tried this and it is mattefying and is really silky feeling. It makes you look flawless, and I need my own.

Benefit Boi-ing concealer – I think this is the only concealer I have ever seen her use. Her dark circles are always visibly erased and blemishes are completely concealed. Deffinetly looks like a good concealer.

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher – I haven’t tried this, because I personally don’t suit blusher. But it gives a gorgeous colour and they are always spoken about on the internet. So if one day, I feel the desire to get a blusher, it will be this.

Benefit Watts Up highlighter – She was just trying this out and I don’t think she is really enjoying it very much. It is a love/hate product.

MUA Matte Palette – Eyeshadows from MUA are honestly incredible for the price. This palette is incredible and has her brow shade in it too. I have been meaning to buy my own for a long time.

Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad Eye Shadow – My sister has every shade of this, which really shows that she loves them! I have one, and they are quite incredible. Very good quality eyeshadows.

Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal eye pencil – My sister stated that these were the best eyeliners ever. So I bought my own and they truly are. They are comparable to the 24/7 eye pencils from Urban Decay. You have to get one of these.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara – My sister always has about 3 mascaras on the go at once. There is always a Max Factor one in there. I tried this mascara and it is so good. When I’m finished the 6 I have on the go, I’ll deffinely buy this.

MAC Matte Lipstick – I bought her the colour ‘Smoked Purple’ for Christmas as she loves a purple lipstick. They are such good quality lipsticks. I obviously have a couple of my own.

MUA Lipstick – I don’t think there has ever been a time where these haven’t been in her makeup bag. She constantly buys me them and they are good quality for £1.

Blonde Effect Beauty.