Real Techniques Brushes


I don’t know how I managed to even do my makeup before I discoverd for myself, how good Real Techniques brushes were, about six months back. They have the softest, highest quality bristles and they are made increadibly well. They also look and are high quality and will last for years. If I didn’t have these, I don’t think I would want to put makeup on; it’s just not the same without them!

Multi-task Brush
As the name suggests, you can do pretty much whatever you desire with this brush. I either use it for foundation, bronzer, powder or highlighter, and it does an amazing job at all of these things. It is amazing, and because you can do so many things, it is a staple in my collection.

Domed Shadow Brush
I use this brush for blending out under eye concealer or applying and blending out eyeshadow, or contouring my nose. This brush is one of my favorites and I need to get my hands on a couple more because I use it so much. This will be your holy grail brush, I swear.

Powder Brush
I simply just use this for powder. It is quite a big brush so isn’t really practicle for anything else, but it applys powder flawlessly. It finishes the look perfectly and the overall look isn’t complete with out it. When I use the muti task brush to powder, it doesn’t look as good. This was my first Real Techniques brush, and I still love it.

Sculpting Brush.
I use this for contouring and on occasion, bronzer and highlight. I haven’t yet tryed using it for foundation, but you could deffinetly do that. It sculpts the face so, so well, yet it looks so natural. I think if I had to pick a favorite, it would be this one. You have to have this brush, it is increadible, I love this brush so much (if you weren’t able to tell!).

Essential Foundation
I use this brush mostly for concealer, and sometimes foundation. It’s quite a small foundation brush so its perfect for concealer. This is such a handy little brush to have and it will make applying your base much easier and make it look flawless.

If you hadn’t figured it out, I love Real Techniques brushes, and you should too.

Blonde Effect Beauty.


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